Access to the AMPAP course content

My dear colleagues, several of you would know when AMPAP started more than ten years ago, there was no possibility to access the online materials after we were done with the programme courses and reference material that was important to us was unavailable to us in our jobs as airport professionals. We could not download or print and keep hard copy for reference purposes.

Today, it is a great joy to gain access to the material and refer to it easily, when we need to. In fact, in addition to this ease of acces, we can also view updated information about the happenings in other airports across the globe. I therefore wish to congratulate all of us for being part of this great family. A family of professionals saddled with the responsibility of managing gateways to countries, cities or counties.

I want to use this medium to encourage colleagues to continue to make use of this great opportunity and seek further knowledge and understanding of the Airport Management profession. It is also worthy of note to reiterate the fact that no information about your airport is too small to share. Airports are global and as such sharing information about them could be helpful or useful among us all. Courtesy of AMPAP, I can now also confidently place a call to any fellow graduates whenever I find myself in any airport. I am proud to be one of you.

Kabir Mohammed
Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria