Airport Labs

Airport Labs for International Airport Professionals (IAPs) share expertise on specific best practices in various functional areas of airport management in a face-to-face setting.

Two-day highly interactive workshops offer small groups of IAPs the opportunity to discuss, collaborate, and learn from airport professionals that demonstrate leadership in a specific airport subject.

The Airport Labs would normally address an emerging issue that benefit from innovative and collective thinking.

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Networking experience like the one in this lab is fantastic.

David Ciceo, IAPManaging Director, Cluj Napoca International Airport

We need to have the courage to try and fail. We need to be willing to take the risks, fail, and move forward.

Brian Cobb, IAPVice President, Customer Experience, Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky International Airport

It’s important to take the time to rub ideas together.

Vivian Menyaga, IAPAssistant Chief Operations Officer, Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria

Kolkata Airport Lab

During the two-day problem solving Airport Lab, participants came together to generate creative solutions for Examining Airport Emergency Table Top Exercise Best Practices. Airports Authority of India invited airport professionals around the world to tackle this growing challenge and establish global best practices.

Airport Lab participants benefited from a unique occasion to troubleshoot an emerging issue with their peers, and an exclusive opportunity to mix with IAP CoP members and industry leaders specialized in passenger experience.

Date: 29-30 November, 2017

Objectives: This lab provided participants managing and overseeing emergency Tabletop exercise to refresh with the necessary KSAs to effectively plan, execute, debrief and evaluate on Airports Emergency Tabletop exercise, prepare a corrective action plan (CAP) and review of AEP, according to the requirements of ICAO SARPs, a state’s regulations.

Munich Airport Lab

Munich Airport hosted a unique and ground-breaking event entitled Customer Experience through Innovation, in collaboration with the International Airport Professional Community of Practice (IAP CoP) and SITA, from 17-18 November 2015.

Focusing on customer experience for airport guests, Munich Airport shared how it strives to surprise and enthuse its passengers along their customer journey through its Open Innovation Process, which included co-creation with clients. Participants enjoyed a live process tour “behind the scenes”, exposing them to examples of Munich Airport’s innovative new products and services. They also had the opportunity to participate in an Open Innovation workshop.

During the two-day Airport Lab, participants shared best practices and hands-on experience on how leading airports have implemented outstanding performances. Together, they created new ideas for airports while focusing on customer experience, airport operations and business development.

The Customer Experience through Innovation Airport Lab provided participants with:

  • Privileged access to the key factors that have made Munich Airport an international success in customer satisfaction;
  • A unique platform for presentations and discussions on customer experience best practices and innovation, namely from the technological and products and services viewpoints; and
  • An exclusive opportunity to mix with IAP CoP members and industry leaders specialized in passenger experience and innovation.