Board of Directors

Mike Nakornkhet, IAP+Chair

CFO, Denver International Airport

Jessica Marin-Urrea, IAPBoard Member (Vice Chair), North America

Innovation and Transformation Section Chief, Miami International Airport

Christine Gideon Mwakatobe, IAPBoard Member, Africa

Managing Director, Kilimanjaro International Airport

Sulaiman Zainul Abidin, IAPBoard Member, Middle East

Chief Operating Officer, Aeroscape Services

Sunil Kumar Munnangi, IAPBoard Member, Asia

Specialist/AGM - Airport Safety, GMR Hyderabad International Airport

Tonci Peovic, IAPBoard Member, Europe

Former Airport Manager, Brač Island Airport

Tony Sewell, IAPBoard Member, Southeast Asia

General Manager Airport Operations, Perth International Airport

Leadership is important

The IAP CoP Board of Directors is comprised of IAPs from around the world. Representatives are elected for a 3-year term, with appointments staggered to ensure continuity.

Only IAPs whose membership dues are current may vote for a seat on the Board.