2023 Recipients

IAP of the Year

Waheedah Lawal SuleimanACI-FAAN Liaison Officer
Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria (FAAN)

Distinguished Leader

Christine Gideon MwakatobeDirector General
Kilimanjaro Airports Development Company (KADCO)

2022 Recipients

  • IAP of the Year:
    Nandita Bhatt – Airport Director, Udaipur Airport (General Manager Architect)
  • Distinguished Leader:
    Kabir Mohammed – Director, Lagos Operations, Standards Organisation of Nigeria
  • Future Leader:
    Alysia Lawson – Customer Experience & Programs Coordinator, Winnipeg Airports Authority

2021 Recipients

  • IAP of the Year:
    Ugochi Rejoice Ndudinachi – Airport Manager, Sam Mbakwe Airport
  • Distinguished Leader:
    Aman Saini – Airport Director, Surat International Airport
  • Future Leader:
    Jessica Marin – Operations Special Projects Administrator, Miami International Airport

The IAP CoP Awards recognize and celebrate outstanding IAPs who have contributed to the advancement of the practice of airport management and who have become innovators and gamechangers in the aviation industry. Three award categories: IAP of the Year, Distinguished Service, and Future Leader provide applicants with the opportunity to showcase their colleagues’ or their own expertise and how they have paved or are paving the way to enhance the aviation community on a global level. Nominees must be members in good standing.

IAP of the Year Award

Recognizes the extraordinary leadership of an airport professional who best exemplifies the ideals and tenants of an IAP and who is a visionary, leader in the aviation community and an advocate and active participant of the aviation industry initiatives and programs. Nominees must be an AMPAP IAP graduate and in good standing.

Future Leader Award

Recognizes an aviation business professional who is making significant contributions to our industry and serves as guiding lights for the next generation; the individual has shown outstanding promise, passion, and professionalism within the aviation community. Nominees must be an AMPAP IAP graduate or is currently enrolled in AMPAP and has completed the ATS gateway course. This award honors nominees 35 years of age or younger.

Distinguished Leader Award

Recognizes an aviation professional as a community leader and an active participant in the growth and improvement of the aviation community. The individual is a change-maker who personifies what it means to go above and beyond the call of duty to increase community engagement and promote diversity in the aviation field. Additionally, the individual has demonstrated a sustained commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion and whose leadership cultivated a culture advancement and opportunities for underrepresented background and groups.