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Queen Matilah makes first ever appearance in Atlanta ATS

Participants/instructors astounded by her royal presence (in her crown!)
‘bears a striking resemblance to Susan Warner-Dooley’ says instructor

AMPAP has been globetrotting again over the past month with ATS courses in Atlanta and Abu Dhabi. I had the pleasure of being involved in both sessions with co-instructors Tonci Peovic and Louis Haeck in Atlanta and Michael Rodyniuk and Wasim Zaidi in Abu Dhabi. Both courses were marked by superb hospitality from ATL and ADAC and a high level of energy in the classroom.

For the first time in the 10 years since AMPAP’s launch, “Queen Matilah” showed up to attend the class in Atlanta and listen to the proposals for the future international airport bearing her name in Putnam. The class was stunned when she entered the room wearing her ‘travel crown’, a small golden tiara. She posed a number of challenging questions to the teams. While we invited her to Abu Dhabi, hoping that she had begun a trend of personal involvement, she was unable to attend due to a long-standing commitment to visit ICAO HQ and ACI World in Montreal.

Queen Matilah (3rd from right) mingles with some of her loyal subjects.

Paul Behnke
AMPAP Instructor