ACI NA Conference in Dallas

The ACI NA Conference and Exhibition will happen in Ft. Worth from September 17 to 20. We expect many IAPs to be present, will you be there? Paul Behnke, Knowledge and Industry Intelligence and AMPAP Instructor will be at the event to promote the programme. Make sure to come and say hi!

Dear IAPs and Associates,
I will be present at the ACI NA conference in Dallas in 2 weeks in order to promote AMPAP and meet with the IAPs. As we move into the second decade of the programme, this might be the biggest gathering of IAPs and Associates at a conference! We will not have formal activities planned but we would like to invite you to visit the AMPAP display both at the ACI NA booth and the SITA booth where I will promote the programme during exhibition hours.
Hope to see you in Texas!

Paul Behnke
AMPAP Instructor

If you plan to attend the conference, please contact Paul Behnke directly at [email protected] so he can then let you know where you can meet with him and the other IAPs during the conference.

Paul (first row, grey jacket in the middle) was also present at the passenger Terminal expo earlier this year.